3 mobile Phone Insurance

3 mobile Insurance cover.

3 network have a wide range of mobile phones on their network to choose from. the most popular being the iphone. The iphone is not a cheap piece of kit and should the worst happen (loss, damage) then getting the iphone insured is a good move.

But what about the 3 networks insurance deal? To put it simply is could be a costly move to insure your mobile phone through the 3 network. 3 add a premium to all insurance deals they put through the system acting as a broker for another mobile phone insurance company. why not save money and go to the mobile phone insurance company direct.

Go to our mobile insurance comparison to compare the best deals, note that 3 mobile phone insurance is at the bottom.




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Mobile Phone Insurance Covers:

     What's covered?
  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Extended Warranty
  • International Cover

* Accidental damage
If your mobile phone is accidentally damaged, some insurance companies pay for the repair or replacement costs. So, if you leave it in your pocket and it ends up in the washing machine, you don’t have to panic*. If you drop it in the toilet or it falls and the screen cracks, it’s not the end of the world.
* Theft
You can’t be too careful these days, so make sure you never leave your stuff unattended when you’re out and about. If the worst does happen though and your mobile is stolen, tell the police straightaway** and we’ll sort out a new phone for you.
* Loss
When you’re always on the go, it’s easy to misplace or lose things. If you can’t find your phone, some insurance companies help you catch up with your friends sooner rather than later. We’ll send you a replacement mobile within 48 hours of an approved claim. So if someone’s trying to get hold of you, you won’t be out of touch for long.
* Worldwide cover as standard
Whether you lose your phone in Barnet or Barbados, some insurance companies will protect against the costs of replacing or repairing your mobile wherever you go. So if you’re on your holidays, you can relax even more.